GOAT Gaming Group is a B2B service provider that delivers innovative software solutions, operational and advisory services, with established offices in Malta and Stockholm. Our mission is to empower brands to build stronger customer relationships by creating meaningful connections that boost brand value. We know the players since we are the players. We also have years of experience in the iGaming industry, where we have built growth for operators and affiliates throughout multiple markets. We can add value to any potential client relationship by leveraging our vast collective years of experience in harmonizing Software, Customer Insight, Customer Engagement, and a well-trained talent base.

We are committed to helping our clients deliver lasting relationships with their customers. The objective of these relationships is to drive loyalty, advocacy, and confidence – to ensure their business thrives and flourishes within a competitive environment. With innovative solutions, leading technologies, and our unique approach, working with GOAT Gaming Group will ensure you remain ahead of your customer expectations.

Dashl is a beauty tech-startup, founded in 2017 by Arbilina Nissan and Nina Akbari where you can book treatments both in salon or to your home. Dashl digitalises and modernises the beauty industry, by making it easier than ever to discover and book hair and beauty stylists that can help you achieve the look that you’re after. Browse the digital portfolios of reviewed stylists and select your preferred treatment at a time and price that suits you. Dashl offers hair and beauty professionals a simple and effective platform to build their online presence as well as personal brand through showcasing their work to customers, and enabling them to take bookings and payments online through Dashls seamless booking system.

PotteryJo was founded in 2011 by Johanna Hampf who had an idea and an effort to create a unique concept for the dining table focusing on fashion, furnishings and food as a whole. With a genuine and carefully selected production in Europe and a design language with blend of old and new patterns, PotteryJo quickly entered the Swedish market.

Hedda Care is a Swedish healthcare company that works for better availability and patient-friendly reception. Hedda Care offers highly specialized care in areas such as general medicine, gynecology (including menopause and pelvic surgery); geriatrics; cardiology; psychology and psychiatry for children and adults (including ADHD investigations and family coaching). Hedda Care was founded in 2019 and today has operations in Stockholm.

Ringtail Interactive is an innovative parent company that develops intelligent platforms and digital solutions for multiplayer gaming.

It has at its core the perfect balance between smart solutions and well-engineered products while being inclusive and welcoming at the same time.

Our visual system is direct and efficient, human and timeless, being a powerful tool to connect and inspire Ringtail’s different investors and collaborators.

KSTING is a digital booking platform for fashion professionals. KSTING lets image producers staff their whole productions in one place. Discover and hire from their community of carefully selected models, photographers, stylists, hair and make up artists. The KSTING platform comes with all the tools needed to book a production, from efficient searching to mood boards, call sheets, team chats and advanced hiring algorithms. KSTING empowers fashion creatives by letting them promote themselves and steer their own career without intermediaries.